Kim Sang-Jo

[email protected]

Kim Sang-Jo was appointed as chairman of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) in June 2017.He completed bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in economics at Seoul National University, Korea. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge in 2000 and partici­pated in Yale World Fellows Program at Yale University in 2004. Since March 1994, he has served as a professor at the Department of Commerce and Trade at Hansung University, Korea.He has participated in various social movements, such as the chaebol reform movement, and has also been involved in diverse social activities by serving as a member of the Financial Development Review Committee, Ministry of Finance and Economy, and the Competition Policy Advisory Committee, KFTC; head of the Solidarity for Economic Reform and Solidarity for Economic Center, Financial Research Center of Korea, among others. In 2008, he received a commendation from the president commemorating the seventh Fair Trade Day.

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