Julián Peña

[email protected]

Allende & BreaMr Peña is the head of Allende & Brea’s antitrust and trade department. He graduated from the Universidad Católica Argentina in 1995. Prior to joining Allende & Brea, Julián Peña was legal adviser to the Ministry of Economy between 1996 and 2004, having been adviser of different ministers, secretaries of industry and trade and of a secretary of coordination. He has also worked at the National Antitrust Commission. Previously, he was a stagiaire at the European Commission in Brussels in 1996.He has been Professor of Competition Law at the graduate programme of Universidad de Buenos Aires since 2004 and was Visiting Professor at the University of Florida in 2009. He has lectured on antitrust and trade issues at various universities and in numerous conferences in Argentina and abroad. He is author of the book Control de Concentraciones Económicas (2002) and of numerous articles, chapters and columns on antitrust and trade law both in foreign and local legal journals and newspapers. Mr Peña is founder and moderator of ForoCompetencia, an e-group focused on competition issues with more than 500 members from 25 countries. He also organises monthly meetings of members of the Argentine antitrust community and is actively involved in different bilateral trade associations.

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