John Yong Ren

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Dr. John Yong REN is the founder and managing partner of T&D Associates based in Beijing, China.John started his career as a certified lawyer in 1988. In 2003, he founded the first and biggest antitrust group in China. Team led by him has been assisting clients on all aspects of AML with expertise in a broad range of antitrust issues, including merger control, cartels, abuses, etc. With experiences of participation in the legislation of the AML and related administrative rules as well as good working relationship with three AML enforcement authorities, he successfully represented multinationals in more than 320 merger notifications and dozens of high-profile antitrust investigations in China since 2008.John is also keen to promote the development of the AML. Since 2005, John has co-hosted in total 27 sessions of AML Symposiums with the Competition Law Centre of UIBE, with participants including senior officials from MOFCOM, NDRC, SAIC, DOJ, FTC, EU DG Comp, JFTC; top antitrust scholars and experts; and in-house counsels of multinationals, etc. Additionally, he translated the book of Antitrust Law and Economics written by Prof. William Kovacic into Chinese.John also serves as an arbitrator in the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and as a panel member in the Antitrust Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.

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