John Small

John Small is a highly experienced consulting economist, specialising in competition and regulatory economics, infrastructure investment and econometric modelling. John has worked on commercial and public economic problems across all major utility industries, in the financial services sector and on taxation and local government issues. His research is published in leading international scholarly journals. John is a trusted adviser to many key decision makers in the public and private sectors. John earned his PhD in Economics (1993) from the University of Canterbury. He was visiting professor of Economics, London Business School, 1999; senior lecturer in Economics, University of Auckland, 1994 to 2004; head of Economics, University of Auckland, 2003 to 2004; and has been a lay member of the New Zealand High Court since 2003.John's recent work in New Zealand includes competition analysis in electronic payment systems, the definition of air freight markets, testimony on competition between supermarkets and merger analysis in the waste and food sectors. John has also been advising the telecommunications authorities in Macao and working on telecommunications market liberalisations in the Pacific.

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