Iris Achmon

Iris Achmon

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Iris was with the Israeli Antitrust Authority for over 10 years, where she served as head of the legal department’s merger section and was, inter alia, in charge of the food and retail sectors. Before that Iris served as part of the criminal litigation team of the IAA, handling prominent cases such as the Liquefied Petroleum Gas and flooring cartels.

Iris later worked in a Tier 1 antitrust law firm, and advised prominent Israeli and international companies in multiple sectors and matters. Iris advises large entities, and multinationals in particular, on all aspects of antitrust and competition laws, including complex mergers, restrictive arrangements, monopolies, the Food Law and Concentration Law, as well as compliance and the day-to-day conduct of companies with high exposure to antitrust and competition laws.

Iris has extensive experience in representing entities before the IAA and the Antitrust Tribunal. Iris has handled various procedures such as administrative fines, declarations of breach, monopoly proclamations, exemption requests and pre-rulings; in a variety of sectors including high-tech and telecom, bio and pharma, finance, transportation, energy, infrastructures, agriculture, food and retail. Iris also has experience as director of regulation in Israel for a multinational telecom company.

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