Helge Heinrich

Helge Heinrich

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Helge Heinrich is a lawyer and partner at Noerr LLP working in the Brussels and Munich Noerr offices. He specialises in European state aid law, especially focusing on regional aid in the context of greenfield investments in Central and European member states such as Hungary, Poland and Romania, advising on government guarantees as well as the state aid-compliant financing of hospitals e and other infrastructure investments. His clients are both companies or state aid beneficiaries as well as public authorities. He is familiar with administrative proceedings before national authorities and the European Commission – be it regarding the application for aid, the negotiation and conclusion of subsidy agreements with the aid donor or recovery proceedings in case of unlawful aid.

In German and European antitrust law Helge Heinrich advises his clients from various industry sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics companies and several insurance companies on all horizontal and vertical aspects of antitrust law (including defending against/enforcing supply claims, cease-and-desist orders and compensation claims based on antitrust law as well as developing and implementing competition compliance programmes.

Helge Heinrich is a (co)editor of the commentary on European state aid law published by Nomos Verlag and the author of regular publications in leading legal journals on state aid and antitrust issues. He serves as a regular lecturer for EU state aid law at the “Competition and Regulation Masters’ Programme” of Leuphana University in Lüneburg.

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