Fabakary Touray

Legal executiveMr Fabakary Touray obtained his LLB from the University of the West of England in Bristol in 2008. Fabakary also obtained a postgraduate diploma in international human rights law in 2010 from the same university. His area of specialisation is competition law and consumer protection law. He joined the Commission in September 2013 as an intern. He was appointed full-time on 1 January 2014 as a legal executive. His duties include providing legal advice in a wide range of areas under the Competition Act 2007, including decisions on business arrangements and agreements, conduct and behaviour. Fabakary has contributed to the writing and publication of the ‘Guide on How to Protect Your Consumer Rights’. This booklet simplifies and explains the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2014. He has also written articles on both the Competition Act, 2007 and the Consumer Protection Act, 2014. He has just completed writing the procedural rules for the administration of the Consumer Protection Tribunal as required by section 16(2) of the Consumer Protection Act. Fabakary has also delivered presentations on behalf of the Commission at different forums on competition law and policy and consumer protection law and policy. He has been an active participant in the Commission’s advocacy programmes on both the Competition Act and the Consumer Protection Act.  Before his studies in the UK and the commencement of his internship at GCCPC, Fabakary worked in the Gambia as a teacher. He has recently completed a programme on the legal aspects of  e-commerce.

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