Dong-Kyu Lee

[email protected]

Dong Kyu Lee is a Senior Advisor advising domestic and multinational companies on all aspects of corporate and competition laws. Before joining Kim & Chang in 2008, he was active in his public service career in Korea Customs Service, Economic Planning Board and the KFTC for over 30 years. Notably, he held various important positions including the Secretary General and Director General in the Competition Policy and Antitrust Bureau at the KFTC. With specialized knowledge and expertise in various industries, Mr. Lee has been actively engaging in regulatory reforms notably in the industries of construction, information and communication, energy, finance, transportation, distribution and others. He is also active in the international competition law and policy community and was vigorously engaged in multilateral cooperation with foreign competition authorities, the OECD, the ICN. Mr. Lee's publications include “Guidelines to Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act” and “Economic Law.” Mr. Lee served as the President of the Korean Competition Law Association for two years from 2013 and is an honorary president now.

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