Cleve B Tyler

Cleve B Tyler

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Cleve B Tyler, PhD, is a managing director at BRG who specialises in applying economic analyses to antitrust, intellectual property and damages issues. An economic consultant with nearly 25 years of experience, Dr Tyler also teaches, writes and speaks about competition and intellectual property topics. He has testified at deposition and trial in federal court, in state court, in regulatory proceedings, and at arbitration. Dr Tyler is an adjunct professor of economics in Johns Hopkins University’s applied economics programme, teaching graduate-level courses in industrial organisation and microeconomics.

Dr Tyler has developed or analysed damages models for a range of matters including antitrust, unfair competition, patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, and has evaluated class certification issues. His competition and antitrust work include evaluation of both horizontal and vertical issues and analysis of market definition, market power and competitive effects using regression analysis and economic modelling. Dr Tyler has analysed economic and damages issues in many industries, including waste collection and disposal, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors, memory products, cable, data products and services, enterprise software, online search advertising, video games, healthcare, avionics, automotive and automobile components, fashion, food and beverages, food ordering and delivery platforms, and electricity generation and distribution.

Dr Tyler holds a PhD in economics specialising in industrial organisation, finance and the economics of the public sector. He is an author of the book Assets and Finance: Calculating Intellectual Property Damages, published by Thomson Reuters, and authored a chapter on expert testimony admissibility in prior versions of this book (annually 2010-2020). He has published articles on damages and competition issues, including the publications Antitrust, Antitrust Bulletin and The Handbook of Competition Economics. Dr Tyler is a member of the American Economic Association and American Bar Association.

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