Chia Lin Yen

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Chia Lin Yen is the head of the international affairs section at the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission. She is responsible for the TFTC’s international competition and technical assistance policies development. Her duties also include providing legal and strategic advice to the TFTC on matters involving international competition issues.She represents the TFTC in many international and bilateral meetings, and reviews the Commission’s submissions to multilateral forums including and the OECD Competition Committee, the International Competition Network and the APEC Economic Committee. She is also responsible for the TFTC’s negotiation and implementation of bilateral cooperation arrangements and competition provisions of free trade agreements.Prior to joining the international affairs section, Ms Yen was in the departments of service industries and legal affairs. She played a key role in the team for drafting the guidelines on handling merger notifications, and in the taskforce of regulations reform and deregulation.

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