Charlotte Wezi Mesikano-Malonda

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Executive DirectorCharlotte Wezi Mesikano-Malonda is a lawyer admitted to the Malawi bar and is a competition practitioner with over 11 years’ experience in human rights, constitutional and administrative law, and currently competition and consumer protection law. She is among the few competition law experts in the legal fraternity in Malawi. She is an avid researcher and trainer in various areas of the law, having served as a civic educator and trainer in human rights law and has authored legal manuals in various areas of the law, which are used by paralegals in Malawi. Mrs Malonda is the first executive director of the Competition and Fair Trading Commission and has supervised the establishment of the Commission leading a lean but efficient team of staff in enforcement efforts. Mrs Malonda is an alumna of the University of Malawi, the University of Zimbabwe and the University of London. Mrs Malonda has started an initiative to set up a programme of lectures on competition law at the University of Malawi for future inclusion in the university curriculum. 

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