Alexander Böhlke

Alexander BÖhlke, a German Rechtsanwalt, has been a partner in Kemmler Rapp BÖhlke, Brussels, since 1976. He holds a postgraduate degree in European law from the University of Amsterdam. His main field of specialisation is EU competition law. Involved in multiple cartel investigations since the 1970s (FEDETAB, SSI, Industrial Gases, Sugar, Industrial and Medical Gases, Aluminium Fluoride), he has also represented the Commission in litigating before the Community judicature those of the 1990s and thereafter (Baustahlgewebe, PVC II, Cement, Pre-insulated Pipes, Sorbates (Hoechst), Organic Peroxides (Degussa Initiators, Pergan, Treuhand), Fittings). He successfully litigated Tipp-Ex, Langnese, SchÖller and Greencore and advised Tabacalera on EC competition issues for 10 years prior to its privatisation. He was likewise called upon in a score of referral and infringement proceedings in the tax, excise and environment fields, acting in some 70 Community court cases in all. He takes a special interest in standardisation issues.

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