Alan W Gray

[email protected]

Alan W Gray is managing partner of Indecon International Consultants, and is chairman of the board of directors of London Economics. Alan was nominated in Global Competition Review's The International Who's Who of Competition Economists 2009. Alan has recently been appointed by the Irish government as director of the Central Bank. He previously worked as chief economic consultant for Europe with Price Waterhouse. He also worked as chief economic adviser in the Department of Industry. Alan holds primary and postgraduate degrees in Economics from Trinity College. He has published extensively on policy and competition issues and has undertaken numerous major consultancy projects in the UK, Europe and North America. Alan has advised major PLCs and private commercial companies, including major retailers, financial institutions and other commercial groups on mergers and other competition issues. In addition to his extensive advisory experience, his involvement on the board of directors of a number of major private sector public limited companies places him in a unique position to understand the commercial implications of competition issues. He has acted as economic adviser to major legal practices on economic aspects of merger and state aid issues and has also advised national competition authorities and the European Commission.

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