Coronavirus hits competition: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 7 February 2020

The toll of the coronavirus is touching the competition arena, including GCR Live. To ensure the safety of all participants, we are postponing our annual conference in Singapore. Hong Kong’s Competition Commission has reduced its opening hours and postponed a seminar on the territory’s relatively new competition law. Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is one of several government agencies in the country that have been tasked with monitoring for unfair conduct, including price-fixing and smuggling. That mandate responds to concerns about price gouging for face masks and hand sanitisers. Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission warned last week that any anticompetitive agreements to increase the price of protective face masks will be met with severe punishment; the law provides for a NT$50 million (€1.5 million) fine. The TFTC also warned against hoarding masks to drive up prices.

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