Sustainability and antitrust in Australia: an outlier or blueprint?

As European competition authorities and international organisations like the OECD and ICN look to advance the debate on sustainability and antitrust, Baker McKenzie’s global antitrust knowledge lawyer Grant Murray and partner Georgina Foster explore the approach of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and ask if it can provide a blueprint for others to follow.

07 December 2020

Common minority ownership – Is the CCI setting a new standard?

Common ownership has been a hot topic in antitrust law for a while and the debate as to its competitive effect is far from settled. India’s competition watchdog recently imposed conditions on a 3% investment because of minority holdings the buyer had in a rival company. Hemangini Dadwal, a partner at AZB & Partners, and associate Shreya Singh examine the potential impact of that decision.

01 December 2020

Singapore’s competition boss reflects on her first year and the future

Sia Aik Kor became chief executive of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore in October 2019, replacing Toh Han Li, who stepped down after six years in the role. One year on, she spoke to Charles McConnell about the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic and her vision for the future.

10 November 2020

A crisis of competence amidst the coronavirus crisis

As economies around the world ground to a halt because of covid-19, the role of competition enforcers was cast under a new spotlight. Charley Connor explores if the crisis has undermined the distinction between competition law and consumer protection in two jurisdictions – South Africa and the UK – and how that might impact enforcement in a post-pandemic world.

20 October 2020

Two mandates, one goal

Combining competition and consumer protection powers has been a popular fit for some antitrust enforcers, but no two agencies have adopted exactly the same mould. Ben Remaly and Julie Masson look at the varying degrees of success that enforcers in the US, Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK have had in merging the two mandates and what might lie ahead.

20 October 2020

More than competition

Understanding that competition and consumer issues are intertwined and using that approach to take on the large digital platforms forms the core of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chair Rod Sims’ message. He spoke to Charles McConnell about how his agency and staff are better equipped than some other agencies to tackle issues in the digital economy.

20 October 2020

Friends or acquaintances?

As issues around antitrust, consumer protection and privacy become increasingly blurred, two cases involving similar conduct against Facebook in Italy and Germany demonstrate the different routes authorities can take to tackle the power of digital platforms. Janith Aranze reflects on both cases and considers the advantages and disadvantages of relying on competition and consumer protection rules to police the digital economy.

20 October 2020

New Zealand’s competition bar

A handful of small but very capable local antitrust practices are now eagerly awaiting much discussed changes to New Zealand’s cartel laws and possible amendments to misuse of market power rules.

20 October 2020

Turkey’s competition bar

Turkey has a small but globally focused competition bar, where stand-alone firms compete with practices that benefit from big name partnerships to serve international clients.

20 October 2020

GCR Live: Interactive Asia-Pacific

GCR held its inaugural GCR Interactive Asia-Pacific event on 3 and 4 September, replacing our in-person GCR Live Annual Asia-Pacific Law Leaders Forum. A panel of experts discussed the intersection of competition, consumer protection and data laws, touching upon data portability and compulsory access regimes. Below is an abridged version of the speakers’ remarks

20 October 2020

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