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EU Cartel Analysis


EU Cartel Analysis - 2016 Update

An analysis of European Commission cartel fines from 2005-2016

Global Cartel Analysis

Global Cartel Analysis

GCR is publishing a package of stories and data visualisations analysing global cartel enforcement over the past 20 years.

Enforcer Tracker

Enforcer Tracker

Enforcer Tracker enables users to search for, filter and analyse every significant merger or cartel enforcement action undertaken by the world's major competition agencies.

Law Firm Timelines

The evolution of Big Law: A GCR special project

The most powerful global competition practices did not gain their size and prominence overnight. They grew much as other major business powers have grown: through a series of mergers and acquisitions large and small. This is the first installment of a GCR project mapping the growth and development of the world’s elite antitrust groups, through interactive timelines and interviews with the lawyers who helped those groups grow.