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Israeli court imprisons senior executive in AI cartel

A court in Israel has sentenced a former executive at a software company to five and a half months in prison for participating in a price-fixing cartel, as the country's judiciary continues a recent trend of imprisoning individuals for antitrust violations.

14 September 2021

Enforcers must embrace algorithms, Régibeau says

Competition agencies should consider using algorithms to detect potential “killer acquisitions”, the European Commission’s chief competition economist has said.

24 May 2021

Consumer empowerment will spur competition online, academics argue

Shattering the “illusion of control” that consumers think they hold over their online choices is key to boosting competition in the digital economy, Ariel Ezrachi has said.

26 January 2021

Italy probes data collection in anti-fraud project

Italy’s Competition Authority is investigating whether an insurance industry group’s collection of data and use of algorithms for an anti-fraud tool could facilitate anticompetitive information-sharing and collusion.

17 November 2020

Korean platform fined for search manipulation

Korea’s competition watchdog has penalised digital platform Naver nearly €20 million for manipulating search results in the online shopping and video sectors by displaying its own products at the top.

06 October 2020

Antitrust Division forms compliance and conduct shops

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division has created a new section focused on compliance with consent decrees and is finalising a task force responsible for enforcing civil conduct.

21 August 2020

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