March 2008

March 2008

March 2008

Country survey: Netherlands - Rewarding whistleblowers - Patents and antitrust - Criminalisation in Australia


SWEDEN: Competition Authority simplifies merger control

SOUTH AFRICA: Tribunal dismisses restraint case

United Kingdom: end of the replica football kit saga

Corporate counsel

Toughening up in Australia

INDIA: Updates on the Competition Act, 2002

DG Comp widens Intel investigation

Patents and antitrust: lessons from the Roberts' court

Denmark: Supreme Court rules on Schneider progresive rebates

UK reacts to supermarket report

OFT appoints new board members

Cartel Roundtable- Getting it right

Country survey: Netherlands - An interview with Pieter Kalbfleisch

Israel: Telecoms company acused of abuse of dominance

AUSTRALIA: Government proposes cartel criminalisation

AUSTRIA: Authority reviews Telekom triple-play offer

Spain launches leniency programme

ITALY terminates oil price probe with comitments

Kirkland & Ellis expands in DC

PORTUGAL: pharmaceutical cartel gets second heavy fine

Dewey & LeBoeuf names new head

Kroes urges sharing of cartel evidence

The Netherlands

Cartel Roundtable- The new frontiers

Patents and antitrust: lessons from the Roberts' court

Belgium: Cable merger leads to procedural battle

Larena Trevilla hires from Mexican authority

Competition litigation: riding the transatlantic wave

FTC discusses modifying market definitions

Cartel Roundtable- New weapons

Cartel Roundtable- Quicker and cheaper

Rewarding whistleblowers

Brazil presents leniency guidelines

India gears up for competition law

Finland releases core objectives for 2008

Third party to review Canadian subpoena process

Country survey: Netherlands

United States: Court allows contract-created market definition

UK commission launches guideline reviews

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