Microsoft amends cloud licensing practices to quell EU complaints

Microsoft has proactively sought to dodge the antitrust scrutiny befalling its Big Tech rivals by changing its European cloud computing business to avoid a formal probe after rivals lodged complaints to the …

EU raids fashion companies

The European Commission has raided companies in several member states active in the fashion industry.

Australia and New Zealand require divestitures to clear water dispenser deal

The antitrust authorities in Australia and New Zealand have cleared a tie-up between two global water services companies after they offered a divestiture in each country to allay competition concerns.

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Interviews and Analysis
Google AdWords & third-party trademarked keywords: IP infringement or fair competition?

At the centre of the intersection between competition law and intellectual property law sits several cases related to third-party keyword bidding on Google Ads. Khaitan & Co partner Anisha Chand, senior associate …

A Q&A with Iskandar Ismail

Iskandar Ismail has been chief executive of Malaysia’s Competition Commission since October 2018. In an interview with GCR, he discussed pursuing legal reforms in response to a high-profile loss at Malaysia’s top …

A Q&A with John Fingleton

John Fingleton stepped down as chief executive of what was then the UK’s Office of Fair Trading 10 years ago this summer. A decade on, the founder of Fingleton Associates reflects on …

More aggressive scrutiny of life science deals – but is there a problem that needs solving?

Competition authorities on either side of the Atlantic and beyond are signalling greater scrutiny of pharmaceutical mergers, with a view to protecting innovation. Baker McKenzie attorneys Fiona Carlin, Anthony Gamble, Dan Graulich …


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