Skaidrīte Ābrama

Skaidrīte Ābrama, born in Riga in 1956, first graduated from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Foreign Languages, later studied at the University of Latvia International Business and Economics (obtaining a master’s degree in business administration) and finished postgraduate studies in economics and business management at the Swiss Institute AKAD&IMAKA (mandated by Transfer- Foundation, St Gallen), being in charge of leading positions within private companies before entering the Competition Council. She has been with the Competition Council since 2004, when she was first appointed for a five-year term as a council member (the decision-making body). After this term expired she worked in the position of chief economist related to economic advice and expertise in case handling and market supervision, introducing new concepts on better regulation. Since June 2012, Mrs Ābrama has been the chairwoman of the Competition Council of Latvia, appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers for the five-year term of office. Her main duties now are administration of people, projects and budgets, ensuring the further development of the institution and the competition regulation, as well as taking decisions on cases investigated by the executive body of the authority. Having great experience in competition policy formulation and competition regulation as well as in practical application of the concepts of competition economics, she is actively involved in competition advocacy activities by lecturing and advising on theoretical and practical aspects of competition regulation to different audiences and in various countries, mostly advising on issues of competition advocacy and application of economic methods in competition cases.

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