Volume 20 - Issue 3 (March 2017)

Survey: Texas • Interviews with Andrea Coscelli, Renata Hesse, Bill Baer and Joseph Wilson

  1. An interview with Andrea Coscelli

    Andrea Coscelli has been interim chief executive of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority since July 2016, following the resignation of previous head Alex Chisholm. He spoke with Tom Webb in late January about how the agency has recently boosted enforcement, prioritised that work relative to its market investigations – and begun to look at the use of interim remedies

  2. Driving to dusk

    As the sun begins to set on the global auto parts investigation, Ron Knox examines the conspiracy’s enormous bill (so far!), how the world’s antitrust enforcers got to this point and where the investigation goes from here.

  3. An interview with Renata Hesse and Bill Baer

    Until 20 January, Bill Baer was principal deputy associate attorney general of the US Department of Justice and Renata Hesse was acting assistant attorney general for antitrust. They sat down with Charles McConnell on the day before President Donald Trump’s inauguration to discuss achievements, thoughts about former president Barack Obama’s executive order promoting competition, and more.

  4. An interview with Joseph Wilson

    After nine years, Joseph Wilson stepped down at the end of 2016 from his post as commissioner at the Competition Commission of Pakistan, of which he was a founding member. While he praised the commission for success in its early years as he spoke with Charles McConnell, Wilson leaves the agency unsure of what the future holds.

  5. An auto parts Q&A with John Majoras

    Jones Day partner John Majoras became involved in the global auto parts cartel investigation from its earliest days, advising parts maker Yazaki after the US Department of Justice announced its wire harnesses investigation with a series of search warrants and raids. Now, as the investigation slowly winds down, GCR data reporter Denise Nzeyimana asks Majoras how he saw the case unfold and what he thinks its ultimate legacy will be.

Country Survey: Texas

  1. Doctoring antitrust: a look back and forward on physicians’ joint negotiation

    Over the next year, US lawmakers will face the challenging task of writing and passing new healthcare legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act. So far, a senator has introduced a bill, echoing one previously sponsored by the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, that would immunise doctors from federal antitrust laws when they negotiate contracts with health insurers – an exemption that the US antitrust agencies have opposed for decades. Alex Wilts reports

  2. Texas’s antitrust bar

    Even with the recent ups and downs of the energy sector, Texas trails only California in its level of economic activity, which keeps the state’s antitrust bar busy. Alex Wilts profiles Texas’s top competition practices

Volume 20 - Issue 3 (March 2017)