USA Tipline

Kieff and Cubs: The Tipline for 26 May 2017

GCR USA - 26 May 2017

We have more details than we could fit into a breaking news tweet about the decision of a Republican commissioner to step down from the International Trade Commission, plus one of the antitrust notables of the federal judiciary giving plaintiffs some advice. Alas, the Senate judiciary committee disappointed us again with respect to Makan Delrahim’s nomination to become assistant attorney general for antitrust.

No shoes or sealing wax: The Tipline for 25 May 2017

GCR USA - 25 May 2017

We’re at Stanford University this morning for GCR Live IP & Antitrust – and also on Capitol Hill, for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s executive business meeting on Makan Delrahim’s nomination to lead the Department of Justice’s antitrust division.

Robot wars: The Tipline for 24 May 2017

GCR USA - 24 May 2017

Today we have coverage of divergent views within the Federal Trade Commission about how well-equipped antitrust enforcers currently are for dealing with the rise of algorithms, many of which make thousands of decisions – sometimes coordinated – faster than a human can count to 10.

Paws off our prices, you damned dirty robots: The Tipline for 23 May 2017

GCR USA - 23 May 2017

More than two years after the Department of Justice announced its first prosecution of a cartel where prices were set using software, algorithmic pricing is a hot topic at the Federal Trade Commission. In old economy news, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit sounds ready to let pay-for-delay plaintiffs get to discovery without first providing a precise valuation of the reverse payment; and a former attorney advisor to Joshua Wright prefers a full rule-of-reason analysis to the alternative.

Facing the music: The Tipline for 22 May 2017

GCR USA - 22 May 2017

The speculation can end about whether the Department of Justice during the Trump Administration would continue to pursue its demand that performing rights organisations license musical works in full, rather than based on the fraction of a right that the organisation’s members hold.

An Apple a day: The Tipline for 19 May 2017

GCR USA - 19 May 2017

We were supposed to be on the Hill today for a hearing on developments in international antitrust, but the House Judiciary Committee has postponed it for another day. For now, we’ve got the latest in Qualcomm’s battle with Apple and an Illinois hospital’s continuing legal issues following a 2000 merger.

Concentrating on monopolies: The Tipline for 18 May 2017

GCR USA - 18 May 2017

Today’s top stories are drawn from two different perspectives on monopolies. Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke this week about the effect of market concentration on political power and the need to break up certain big companies. Meanwhile, the acting director of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition said something nice yesterday about the breakup of AT&T.

Stop press: The Tipline for 17 May 2017

GCR USA - 17 May 2017

The Department of Justice is back looking at the newspaper industry, as the two major Chicago daily papers prepare a potential merger. We have coverage of that and also delve into competition in the shipping industry, which is receiving more attention than usual – with a DOJ antitrust probe into potential collusion and a testy Congressional hearing on maritime transportation regulation.

FTAIA again: The Tipline for 16 May 2017

GCR USA - 16 May 2017

The Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act remains a hot topic, with a judge ruling on it last week. We have coverage of that, a story on Sonia Pfaffenroth’s return to Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, and a Q&A with Latham & Watkins partner Marguerite Sullivan.

Fish and chips: The Tipline for 15 May 2017

GCR USA - 15 May 2017

We have two stories from the West Coast today. Last week the Federal Trade Commission pushed back on chipmaker Qualcomm with a little help from the agency’s friends at Intel and Samsung; and a seafood company whose previous attempt at a deal died in antitrust litigation has tried to prevent that from happening again.




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