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AT&T, DirecTV and Apple: The Tipline for 24 March 2017

GCR USA - 24 March 2017

Yesterday saw the end of a fun information exchange case – though we’ll admit these things are typically less fun for defendants. Elsewhere, Apple had a good day in court, and we have some choice words from from Pearson Simon & Warshaw partner Bruce Simon. Today we’re in both New York and Washington, DC, federal appellate courts for oral arguments involving Uber and Anthem/Cigna.

Rattling Sabre: The Tipline for 23 March 2017

GCR USA - 23 March 2017

G’day. We bring you news of a Manhattan federal judge turning down global distribution system Sabre’s request for a new trial – and a Q&A with Deborah Garza about her panel of ex-enforcers at GCR Live Cartels. It’s on Tuesday in Washington, DC, and it’s right before the GCR Awards, so you should come along. Let’s face it, you’ll be in town anyway.

Won’t somebody please think of the efficiencies: The Tipline for 22 March 2017

GCR USA - 22 March 2017

Last year on this day we were in Washington, DC, federal court to watch the beginning of the showdown between the Federal Trade Commission and office suppliers Staples and Office Depot. We will buy some office stationery to commemorate the trial.

Ja-Makan Me Crazy: The Tipline for 21 March 2017

GCR USA - 21 March 2017

It’s the second day of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, and we’re keeping our ears open for any mentions of antitrust.

Delrahim back at DOJ: The Tipline for 20 March 2017

GCR USA - 20 March 2017

If the Trump Administration is indeed on the verge of formally nominating someone to lead the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, then in theory the new head could be in office no later than Christine Varney was eight years ago – by 20 April – given the speedy confirmations that the Republican-controlled Senate has given to other appointees.

The luck of the Irish: The Tipline for 17 March 2017

GCR USA - 17 March 2017

Our main story today is about the Chamber of Commerce’s recommendations to the US antitrust agencies, but we wrap up the briefing with the two Irish-descended members of the Federal Trade Commission. Only 10.1% of the US population may identify as Irish, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all celebrate – especially when St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday.

Read the DOJ’s lips – no new trials: The Tipline for 16 March 2017

GCR USA - 16 March 2017

The first round of NCAA March Madness starts today, and if you’re like us, you’ve already filled out your brackets. Former college basketball star Edward O’Bannon sued the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 2009, seeking to recover damages on behalf of former men’s college football and basketball players. Though an appellate decision limited the monetary benefits student-athletes can obtain, it left the NCAA open to attacks from other litigants.

Mergers and Mars: The Tipline for 15 March 2017

GCR USA - 15 March 2017

On the Ides of March, beware easy assumptions about what will happen next in antitrust. Today's briefing and Tipline include what is now the Trump Department of Justice fiercely defending its victory against the Anthem/Cigna merger; a senator calling for big mergers to pay higher fees; and a complaint that begins with a Yogi Berra quote.

MACA – Make Antitrust Cool Again: The Tipline for 14 March 2017

GCR USA - 14 March 2017

Senator Amy Klobuchar, yesterday: “Our goal is to make antitrust cool again. And if the administration won’t do it, we will.” GCR always knew antitrust was cool.

Due diligence and state action: The Tipline for 13 March 2017

GCR USA - 13 March 2017

Today we’ll be at the Center for American Progress, where Senator Amy Klobuchar, the ranking member of the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee, is set to give the opening keynote followed by a discussion about the concentration of economic power.

Brought to you by the letter A: The Tipline for 10 March 2017

GCR USA - 10 March 2017

Of the various "beachhead" officials hired into the federal government by the Trump Administration since inauguration day, none appear to be antitrust related. Sad! Hopefully this briefing will console the competition community for such neglect, as we listen to top lawyers’ predictions for merger reviews and highlight the latest in litigation and agency advocacy.

Circuit overload: The Tipline for 9 March 2017

GCR USA - 09 March 2017

We’ve got coverage of an antitrust ruling out of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and oral arguments at the Ninth Circuit.