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Fall Forum for days: The Tipline for 17 November 2017

GCR USA - 17 November 2017

The American Bar Association’s annual antitrust fall forum is a one-day deal, but what was said should keep the competition law community talking for much longer. Check out our stories and News & Notes for the highlights.

FCC, Philly, Fall Forum: The Tipline for 16 November 2017

GCR USA - 16 November 2017

We are at the National Press Club today for the American Bar Association’s Fall Forum, which will feature keynote addresses from Makan Delrahim and Donald Kempf of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, and acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission Maureen Ohlhausen. The day’s programme also includes former enforcers, current practitioners and the two federal judges who heard the government’s challenges to Anthem/Cigna and Staples/Office Depot.

Frankfurter lives on: The Tipline for 15 November 2017

GCR USA - 15 November 2017

While some prefer the term “New Brandeis” to “hipster antitrust” in describing the pro-enforcement school of thought that goes beyond consumer welfare, today is the 135th birthday of the man who helped to put Louis Brandeis’s theory into effect during the New Deal. After joining the Supreme Court, Felix Frankfurter continued to view big business with suspicion, but also questioned whether competition was the appropriate policy for regulated industries.

Missouri AG and USDA: The Tipline for 14 November 2017

GCR USA - 14 November 2017

Missouri’s attorney general has joined the Google fray, with a big nod towards the European Commission’s investigation.

Who run the world: The Tipline for 13 November 2017

GCR USA - 13 November 2017

We’re back from the Veterans Day holiday with reporting from both our own GCR Live Women in Antitrust conference in Washington, DC and former Department of Justice economist Fiona Scott Morton at the BRICS conference in Brazil.

Vertical divestiture: The Tipline for 9 November 2017

GCR USA - 09 November 2017

GCR USA is off for Veterans Day tomorrow, but will be back in your inbox on Monday.

Southside with the FTC: The Tipline for 8 November 2017

GCR USA - 08 November 2017

We are headed to the Federal Trade Commission’s southwest address in Washington, DC for the agency’s joint conference at the Constitution Center with the Food & Drug Administration, on the topic of “Understanding Competition in Prescription Drug Markets: Entry and Supply Chain Dynamics”.

Election Day: The Tipline for 7 November 2017

GCR USA - 07 November 2017

Well, it feels like Election Day for those of us so unfortunate as to be in the television advertising market for states with off-year elections such as Virginia and New Jersey. Once again, the American Antitrust Institute is hosting its annual private enforcement conference; presumably there will be cheerier spirits today than at last year’s event, which was the morning after the presidential election.

Sunshine for online bid-rigging: The Tipline for 6 November 2017

GCR USA - 06 November 2017

The Department of Justice on Friday revealed its first indictments filed in the Sunshine state for bid-rigging foreclosure auctions. In contrast with the dozens of people indicted in other states – especially California, where the DOJ got into some trouble for planting bugs outside courthouses to pick up the conspirators’ plans before and after the auctions took place – the defendants allegedly colluded over the purchase of Florida properties being auctioned online.

Skunks at a picnic: The Tipline for 3 November 2017

GCR USA - 03 November 2017

We look forward to another unseasonably warm November day in Washington, DC. As with yesterday’s briefing, we have more politicians in today’s briefing, and we can always hope for a West Wing-style “take out the trash” Friday news dump to enliven your Monday morning. See you then.