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Pumpkin spice latte time: The Tipline for 22 September 2017

GCR USA - 22 September 2017

Today is officially the end of summer. But it's not all bad - here's Tipline!

We got both kinds of news - politics and litigation: The Tipline for 21 September 2017

GCR USA - 21 September 2017

Litigation: odd goings-on in the real estate foreclosure auctions prosecutions. Politics: more trouble in the appointment of Makan Delrahim.

Centre doesn't hold: The Tipline for 20 September 2017

GCR USA - 20 September 2017

The big antitrust news yesterday was not so much that the Federal Trade Commission is allowing the timing agreement for Walgreens' slimmed-down acquisition of Rite Aid stores to end without taking action; from what we hear, the companies' new strategy was just to ask the agency, "What locations are you OK with?" However, Democratic appointee Terrell McSweeny issued a statement of disagreement, indicating that the two commissioners split on this outcome - which runs contrary to the predictions of former agency heads at a recent GCR Live.

We are not doing Talk Like A Pirate Day: The Tipline for 19 September 2017

GCR USA - 19 September 2017

Check out today's tipline for a dose of Margrethe Vestager, AbbVie and the return of Cadwalader.

Strange bedpersons: The Tipline for 18 September 2017

GCR USA - 18 September 2017

We would say that today is a much-needed break in the round of events - except we're off to see EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager this afternoon. In the meantime, catch up on Democrats' effort to bolster antitrust enforcement, and politically incorrect conservatives' effort to use antitrust against Google.

Finch and Fordham Friday: The Tipline for 15 September 2017

GCR USA - 15 September 2017

It's Friday! Before you head off, check out a senior Department of Justice official's views on how things are changing for his agency's enforcement. A bit.

Snitches get stitches: The Tipline for 14 September 2017

GCR USA - 14 September 2017

It's the first day of the annual international antitrust law and policy conference at Fordham Law, so we're on the Upper West Side of New York this morning. Over the next two days, we look forward to seeing some folks we've seen in Washington, DC and Florence in the past week - Andreas Mundt, Andrew Finch, Maureen Ohlhausen, Isabelle de Silva - but also plenty of judges and enforcers who are Fordham exclusives.

Conferences can't stop won't stop: The Tipline for 13 September 2017

GCR USA - 13 September 2017

We are taking a day off from symposia and other events today, but check out Tipline for the word from various Department of Justice folks who were at Georgetown University Law Center yesterday.

The gang's all here: The Tipline for 12 September 2017

GCR USA - 12 September 2017

We spent yesterday at a conference that asked "What Is Trump Antitrust?" Today promises a larger load of Trump Administration officials: in addition to acting Federal Trade Commission chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, who also gave the opening keynote yesterday, the Georgetown Law programme includes Department of Justice antitrust division deputies Roger Alford, Barry Nigro and Donald Kempf, plus new acting FTC bureau of competition director Bruce Hoffman.

Qualcomm, good and bad: The Tipline for 11 September 2017

GCR USA - 11 September 2017

We are Qualcomm-heavy today due to news from last week: the company has hired new in-house counsel specialising in antitrust and intellectual property, but has lost its attempt to shut down Apple's non-US lawsuits against the chipmaker's patent licensing practices. We also chatted with two former Federal Trade Commission chief economists about a much-talked-about study that suggests the antitrust agencies change their merger notification rules to capture small deals for physician groups.