Competition and spectrum auctions in Europe

Premium 01 December 2001

Cento Veljanovski, managing partner of Case Associates, London offers a purely personal view of the controversy surrounding the competitive impact of European mobile telephony auctions

Competition lawyers put on a brave face

Premium 01 October 2001

Despite the catastrophe in the United States, which forced the withdrawal of some speakers, the IBA managed to stage an impressive event at Fiesole, near Florence, reports David Samuels

Rethinking leniency at the European Commission

Premium 01 October 2001

Reacting to accusations that its 1996 Leniency Notice is ineffective in cartel cases, the European Commission has announced plans to revamp its programme. Julian Joshua* and Nils von Hinten-Reed,1 both former Commission officials, question whether the new proposal will in fact increase the potential benefits of cooperating with the Commission or lead to more effective enforcement

An interview with John Fingleton

Premium 01 October 2001

Merger policy has been something of a problem area in Ireland, but forthcoming legislation is hopefully about to change all that. Sebastian O’Meara spoke to the chairman of the Irish Competition Authority about his domestic concerns as well as European cooperation, modernisation and the Global Competition Initiative

Behavioural remedies revisited: GE/Honeywell

Premium 01 October 2001

Alistair Lindsay, a partner in the European Antitrust Group at international law firm Allen & Overy, considers whether the principal issues in GE/Honeywell could have been addressed by behavioural remedies

Best Practices for the Review of International Mergers: a discussion draft*

Premium 01 October 2001

By Janet L McDavid of Hogan & Hartson, Phillip A Proger of Jones Day Reavis & Pogue, Michael J Reynolds of Allen & Overy and J William Rowley QC and A Neil Campbell of McMillan Binch

FTC's new competition team emphasises continuity

Premium 01 October 2001

The ABA Antitrust Section’s FTC Committee lunch was held in Washington, DC last month. John Gledhill reports on what amounted to a discreet unveiling of the Commission’s new competition policy

Interbrew/Bass: last orders for UK merger process

Premium 01 August 2001

Simon Taylor, a senior associate in the European antitrust group of international law firm Allen & Overy, looks at a case that has forced the UK government to rethink its review procedures

Pacific Rim: the next frontier for US cartel enforcement?

Premium 01 August 2001

‘International Antitrust Issues: Pacific Rim and Beyond’, a new event jointly organised by the American Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association, took place in Vancouver on May 30 and June 1. David Samuels attended

The International Law Conference in Dublin

Premium 01 August 2001

European business lawyers converged on Dublin in mid-May for a special, way event. Máire McGuire was there keeping an eye on the competition ‘stream’