France breaks records with double consumer goods fine

The collusion affects some of France's most popular consumer products

Some of the world’s largest consumer good makers have been hit with fines totalling nearly €1 billion in France for colluding to strengthen the bargaining power of suppliers and raise the price of products in two markets.  

Enforcers’ legitimacy depends on convergence, says Esteva-Mosso

Pointing to signs that antitrust agencies are modifying their rules to adopt a common standard, DG Comp’s mergers director said this shows a belief that “our legitimacy as enforcement will only be maintained if we manage to achieve a certain degree of convergence”. Pallavi Guniganti in Paris

Motorola slams “unprecedented and unfair” Seventh Circuit treatment

A US federal appellate court careened from normal procedure when deciding an appeal by Motorola Mobility, sullying the court’s name and prejudicing the result of an important antitrust case, lawyers for the company said in a motion for rehearing this week.



Front cover of GCR December / January 2015

December / January 2015

Surveys: Brazil, Illinois, Japan • Impressions from building a hot tub • GCR Live Brussels

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The Illinois antitrust bar

Home to some of the country’s largest and most prestigious law firms, Chicago has over the decades cultivated a rich tradition of harbouring real antitrust law pioneers and a reputation as one of the practice’s true homes. The city remains a major hub of antitrust law today. Chicago’s collection of bright and capable antitrust litigators has few equals around the US, and as the city’s federal courts continue to collect major antitrust cases, work for these courtroom warriors continues apace. Ron Knox evaluates the city’s finest

An interview with Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Judge Ginsburg receiving the 2014 GCR Lifetime Achievement Award

Before his 1986 appointment by President Ronald Reagan to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Douglas Ginsburg was thoroughly schooled in the application of economic thinking to the law. He spoke in his chambers with Pallavi Guniganti

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