Halliburton/Baker Hughes falls apart under DoJ pressure


Despite the Department of Justice’s latest antitrust victory in a merger case – secured this week when Halliburton called off its proposed deal with oilfields rival Baker Hughes – a senior DoJ official declined to brand Obama Administration antitrust enforcement as more aggressive than its predecessor.

Remembering Stanley Wong

Competition experts around the world today paid tribute to Stanley Wong, who passed away surrounded by his family in Vancouver on 30 April.

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French authority slaps Engie with interim measures

France’s Competition Authority has accused incumbent natural gas supplier Engie of cross-subsidising its costs in a competitive market with profits from a market in which it remains the only provider.



Front cover of GCR Volume 19 - Issue 4

Volume 19 - Issue 4

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Surveys: New York, Romania • Europe's growing tax probe • ASEAN enforcers profile

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New York’s competition bar

It is the second-largest antitrust bar in the US, but New York City never takes the back seat. Pallavi Guniganti talks mergers, investigations and litigation with the city’s best

An interview with Bogdan Chirițoiu

Bogdan Chirițoiu

Located on the eastern edge of Europe, Romania lived under a controlled economy for much of the last century. It remains one of Europe’s poorest countries, but is now an EU member state with a modern competition law and an active authority. Its chairman, Bogdan Chirit¸oiu, spoke to Mark Briggs about the Competition Council’s enforcement record, its by object approach and its record in court

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