Former UOKiK head co-founds new boutique

Hansberry-Bieguńska and Krasnodębska-Tomkiel

Małgorzata Krasnodębska-Tomkiel, who was until recently the president of Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, has teamed up with former US antitrust prosecutor Dorothy Hansberry-Bieguńska to set up a new antitrust-focused firm in Warsaw. 

DG Comp promises minimal information demand for minority shareholdings

The information requirement on companies buying minority stakes will be less than even the most straightforward mergers, the official responsible for designing the commission’s system of review promised today. Henry Vane in Brussels

UK banks chastised for loan bundling

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has ordered HSBC and First Trust Bank to amend their policies after it found they failed to comply with undertakings governing banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


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Takeaways from the European Competition Day in Rome

Alessandro Greco, head of the EU and competition practice at Eversheds in Italy, discusses commissioner Joaquín Almunia’s farewell and the need for further harmonisation.

An interview with Frank Vondrak

Chicago skyline

Frank Vondrak, the chief of the Chicago field office at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, talks with Ron Knox about auto parts, staff morale and life after the closure of four other regional division offices

A red wave rising

Chinese enforcers have come under fire

Over the past year, antitrust enforcers in China have risen from a five-year incubation to bring a spate of cases that have riled foreign officials and Western business groups over a host of concerns, from timing issues to outright intimidation. Those officials and business groups have asked China to alter the way it treats foreign businesses, but enforcers in Beijing appear set on imposing their own brand of antitrust enforcement. Ron Knox reports


EU Cartel Survey

EU Cartel Survey
An analysis of cartel fines from 2005-2010, updated in 2012.

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