Amex CEO’s testimony emphasises “intense” negotiation

Amex CEO Kenneth Chenault

Pushing back on government claims that American Express has market power, the head of the credit card company repeatedly said at trial today that it must make concessions and offer additional benefits to keep merchants in its network. Pallavi Guniganti in New York

Press ejected as air cargo litigation begins

Members of the press were ordered to leave the courtroom hosting the British Airways air cargo trial today after the presiding judge ruled that they would otherwise have access to confidential information. 

France takes a closer look at major telecoms merger

(Credit: François GOGLINS, Wikimedia Commons)

France’s Competition Authority (FCA) has opened a Phase II investigation of cable company Altice’s purchase of phone operator SFR – one of the largest and most political deals in the country in recent years.


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The Czech Republic’s competition bar

In the face of an inactive enforcer, being a competition practitioner in the Czech Republic is not always the most fruitful occupation. Katy Oglethorpe meets the firms that are rising to the challenge.

An interview with Michal Petr

At the Czech Republic’s Office for the Protection of Competition, public procurement is the flavour of the month and scant resources and a slow legal system plague the enforcer. Michal Petr, the vice-chairman of competition at the office, talks to Katy Oglethorpe about these challenges and what is being done to address them.

An interview with Giovanni Pitruzzella

Giovanni Pitruzzella

After some years in the doldrums, Giovanni Pitruzzella is doing his best to make Italy’s Antitrust Authority (IAA) one of Europe’s leading enforcers again. Chairman since late 2011, he tells Henry Vane about his focus on local markets, the implications of a major pharmaceuticals case, and why proper competition enforcement is necessary to restore Italy’s economy and eliminate crony capitalism


EU Cartel Survey

EU Cartel Survey
An analysis of cartel fines from 2005-2010, updated in 2012.

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